About Ela – Massage Therapist on the Isle of Wight

I’m Ela and I have been a massage therapist for over 20 years now.  My life was totally different before and there was no indication at that time that I would do what I do now.

I worked in the City of London for several years and gradually became very frustrated and unhappy with the monotony of the office life, the nine to five routine, the packed tube trains.  Someone recommended a regular massage and a good therapist.  I tried it and felt wonderful.  My energy was up, my sleep was better, my mood happier.

How it all started…

The idea of retraining to become a massage therapist and leave the office world dawned on me a bit later.  I enrolled for a one year course in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage with a very reputable Clare Maxwell Hudson School of Massage.  Clare taught a unique style of massage that she developed through her travels all over the world, learning new techniques.  A year later, with my ITEC Diploma, I left the City for good and started a new life.  For a while I assisted Clare in teaching the practical skills to the new students as well as seeing some clients.

Gaining experience

As part of my training I also completed a placement in Royal Marsden Hospital where I worked alongside an aromatherapist.  I worked with clients suffering from cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, I massaged on hospital beds, volunteered in the North London Hospice.  So, as you can see, I’ve gained experience with helping the many people with different health problems and I very much enjoy this type of work.

Expanding the scope of clients

I also enjoy working with clients who are fit and well, wanting to maintain their well being.  Because of this wide spectrum of clients I’ve had I am able to tailor my massage to the individual needs of each client.

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Pregnancy Massage

I have also trained in Pregnancy Massage.  Pregnancy is a very special time for women but it can be physically and emotionally difficult.  Massage helps you to switch off and relax, it brings relief to the aching back and tired feet.  It allows you to be in your body while it is going through the changes that pregnancy brings.

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