Aromatherapy, reflexology and massage are beneficial to people with advanced cancer

I’ve come across an interesting article. A team of researchers found several studies evaluating the therapeutic needs of people in palliative care with advanced cancer.

The results of the studies showed that people with advanced cancer experienced benefits from aromatherapy, reflexology and massage, including enhanced wellbeing, respite and escapism from their disease, according to a review published in Palliative Medicine.

Winter Blues


I am one of the unlucky people who are affected by the winter.  Short days, dark, heavy clouds, rain and strong winds make me feel very low.    To the point of tears.  This year I remembered when, a long time ago, when I was still working in the City of London and feeling very unhappy, a friend recommended a massage.  She and her  husband went to a lovely Swedish lady.  I decided to try it and got hooked.  After just one sesssion I felt more positive, more energised, slept better and woke up earlier than usual without an alarm!

This year, I decided to have a massage as soon as I’d started feeling the winter blues coming.  It worked wonders.  I felt rejuvenated, relaxed, in a good mood.  The effect lasted for several days.  The unbeatable combination of touch, rhythmic strokes and energy, is a perfect antidote to the overwhelming effects of the cold and gloomy season.  If you’re like me, try a massage!  I will be very happy to see you in my practice room in Newport.

I’ve also given up coffee, perhaps contrary to the belief that coffee will give you the boost you need to see you through the day.  I must say that since I started the experiment about three weeks ago, I have felt much more balanced, less prone to the mood swings.  Not everyone is sensitive to the caffeine but if you suffer from anxiety, why not try and give it up for a couple of weeks to see the effects?

Wish you fun preparing for Christmas.



Benefits of Massage during the Summer

Summer seems to be an incredibly busy time.  The gardens want a lot of attention, then there is travelling, children on holiday, sports, barbecues… It’s difficult to get time for yourself.  Massage is a perfect excuse.

We tend to exercise more in the summer when it is so easy to be outdoors.  We garden, jog, swim, play tennis, etc.  That’s brilliant but it can lead to aches and pains in the body.  Massage can help ease those pains and make them less likely to occur.

Massage helps increase blood flow, which in turn can help reduce swelling in the joints caused by heat and make movements more comfortable.

We might feel stressed and overwhelmed by constant activities.  Sometimes it’s difficult to keep on top of things.  Massage will help you relax and clear your thinking so that you can plan your summer days without feeling stressed out.  It will help you sleep better too.

Have a lovely summer.  I hope to see you soon.