Massage Treatments with Ela

When you book a massage with me, we will have a free, informal consultation lasting about 15 minutes.  I will have a chat with you to find out about your particular reasons for having a massage and your health history.  This will help me to decide what kind of treatment will be best for you.  I will, of course, explain it to you so that you know what to expect.

Your Privacy

I respect your privacy so I will make sure that you feel treated with consideration.  I use towels to cover you at all times.

The Treatment

I communicate with you from time to time to make sure that you are comfortable and that the pressure applied is right for you.  You will be the guide of what I do.

I use sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil for the massage.  It allows me to work deeply where necessary and to glide my hands smoothly to relax you.

Your Head

I always massage your head as part of the treatment.   The scalp might be surprisingly tight and massaging it is extremely relaxing.  I will make sure that you are happy with a bit of oil in your hair (it’s good for it!) or wash my hands before I touch it.

Treatments List and Cost

Full Body Massage

Deep tissue but also relaxing, according to your needs.

45 minutes    £30

60 minutes    £35

90 minutes    £55

Back and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes    £20

Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes    £35

Do get in touch to book your appointment soon to improve your well being.

07595 825 823